Carnegie Mellon University
May 19, 2022

Politics, Persuasion and the Press

By Michael Henninger

Abby Simmons

As a Carnegie Mellon University student absorbing knowledge in the seats of Baker Hall, Dan Gilman didn't know the first thing about local government. Nearly two decades later, the CMU alumnus and special faculty lecturer leads a discussion as an expert on the topic for students absorbing knowledge in the same seats of Baker Hall.

Gilman has come full circle. From CMU Student Body president to Pittsburgh city councilman, to chief of staff to the Mayor of Pittsburgh and back again co-teaching Politics, Persuasion and the Press with David Shribman, a special faculty lecturer at CMU and Pulitzer Prize-winning former executive editor at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

"We want to show students the relationship between government politicians, the media and the public, and what that three-legged stool looks like and how information flows — in all directions," Gilman said. "More importantly, we are examining how the rhetoric has changed over time, both in how news is consumed and how the public provides feedback."

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