Carnegie Mellon University
October 07, 2020

Registration for CMU Sports Analytics Conference Open

By Stacy Kish

Carnegie Mellon University’s Department of Statistics & Data Science will host the Carnegie Mellon Sports Analytics Conference virtually on Oct. 24-25. The conference is dedicated to highlighting the latest sports research from the statistics and data science community. This event will feature an array of engaging speakers, workshops and live podcasts. Registration for the event is now open.

Undergraduate students who attended the summer Carnegie Mellon Sports Analytics Camp will present their research findings during a virtual poster session. In addition, Meghan Hall, a contributor to Hockey-Graphs and the Nightingale, will present the workshop “Leveling Up With The Tidyverse (And Hockey Data).” Tom Mock, Customer Success, RStudio, will present the workshop “Introduction to machine learning with the tidyverse and nflfastR data." 

Christie Aschwanden, co-host of the podcast Emerging Form, will present a keynote address. She is also the New York Times best-selling author of “GOOD TO GO: What the Athlete in All of Us Can Learn from the Strange Science of Recovery.”

Patrick Lucey, chief scientist at Stats Perform, will also provide a keynote address. Lucey conducted research into automatic sports broadcasting at Disney Research Pittsburgh. His research interests include artificial intelligence and interactive machine learning in sporting domains.