Carnegie Mellon University
October 15, 2019

CMU-led Team Uses AI to Help Machines Play Nice with Humans

An interdisciplinary group of researchers from Carnegie Mellon University has received a $2.8 million DARPA grant to enhance machine-human team collaborations.

By Stacy W. Kish

Three Carnegie Mellon University researchers — the lead investigator, Anita Williams Woolley at the Tepper School of Business, along with co-investigators Cleotilde Gonzalez at the Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences and Henny Admoniat The Robotics Institute — are leveraging their expertise with organizational science, cognitive science and artificial intelligence (AI) to explore how AI can help humans work together better.

Woolley believes this award is an important achievement not only for her and her co-investigators, but also for Carnegie Mellon. "As leaders in both teams research and technology, it's an important acknowledgement of the role we have played and continue to play in pushing the frontiers of these disciplines," she said.

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