Carnegie Mellon University
January 20, 2015

Luis Ball To Discuss "Latin America: The Unnoticed Giant South of the Border”

Luis Ball

Much of the Americans perception of Latin America has been based on myth and not reality. Venezuelan-born Luis Ball, a Carnegie Mellon University trustee, Latin American business leader, and publisher of PanAm Post, an online news and analysis site emphasizing Latin America, will discuss popular views of Latin America and show how they relate to the actual history of the region. He will discuss Latin America in the context of U.S. history, the colonial laws regarding native tribes and peoples, the Catholic Church, and the wars of independence. He will discuss the developments in the post-colonial period that shaped Latin America today and its attitudes vis-a-vis the U.S. Additionally, he’ll examine the revolutions and dictatorships, the economic underdevelopment and Latin America today.

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