Carnegie Mellon University

Awards, Fellowships, and Funding Opportunities

Major opportunities for awards, fellowships, and funding for undergraduate and graduate students in CMU's Department of English are listed below.

English students are encouraged to consult with their advisors and faculty mentors for additional opportunities.

For Undergraduate Students:




For Graduate Students:

  • Departmental M.A. Scholarships

Students accepted into any of the English Department's (4) M.A. programs are eligible to receive a Departmental Scholarship.  To learn more about the funding opportunities in each of these programs, please view the following pages:

-M.A. in Rhetoric 
-M.A. in Literary and Cultural Studies
-M.A. in Professional Writing
-M.A. in Global Communication and Applied Translation
  • Research Assistantships (RA-ships)

Who is eligible: All graduate students are eligible to apply for all positions.
Amount: $13/hour for about 50 hours a semester. 

Our students work with faculty members on a wide array of assignments designed to supplement their coursework and to give them valuable professional experience. These positions generally involve 5-10 hours of work per week at $13 per hour. Available positions are generally advertised to incoming students at the beginning of each fall term.

  • Teaching Assistant for Reading and Writing in an Academic Context (76-100)

Who is eligible: MA students.

Reading and Writing in an Academic Context, is the course offered to our first-year, multilingual students at Carnegie Mellon. The course is a demanding one to teach in that the students require a lot of feedback on their writing throughout the semester.  We employ roughly 8-10 M.A. students each year to provide supplemental instruction to 76-100 students at peak times throughout the semester.

These TA-ships are funded for roughly 50 hours in the fall semester.  The rate of pay is $13/hour. All TAs must attend a weekly practicum. 

  • Tutoring at the Global Communication Center

Who is eligible: All admitted graduate students are invited to apply for a tutoring position at the Global Communication Center (GCC). 
Amount: $18-20, depending on level of graduate study

The Global Communication Center is an innovative writing center that supports written, oral and visual communication for all CMU students. The GCC offers free one-on-one communication consulting and workshops to undergraduate and graduate students from any discipline. The GCC's mission is to teach students research-backed strategies and communication principles.

  • Department Graduate Student Teaching Award

Who is eligible: Graduate instructors nominated for the award
Amount: Extra research allowance of $250

The Graduate Student Teaching Award recognizes the excellent teaching done by graduate students on behalf of the Department of English.  Each fall, the Director of Graduate Studies and other members of the Graduate Studies Committee review and assess materials from graduate instructors nominated for the award.   

A separate Dietrich College Graduate Teaching Award is also offered annually, to one teaching graduate student from within the College. 

  • Teaching Opportunities (outside 76-100 and 76-101)

Ph.D. students are encouraged to design and teach their own special topics courses. Advanced Ph.D. students also sometimes teach courses in their areas of interest during the academic year. Regular session courses are typically offered to advanced undergraduates (junior and senior level).

Ph.D. students also assist in other courses. They are sometimes hired as teaching assistants in courses offered by other departments in the Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences. In addition, The Heinz School of Public Policy and Management and the Tepper School of Business have recruited our Ph.D. students to assist in their courses. Duties often include reading and grading written assignments, but may also require other kinds of expertise, for example with non-native speakers of English.