Carnegie Mellon University

Study Abroad 

Carnegie Mellon students and alumni report that studying abroad is one of the most valuable experiences of their lives.  The Department of English offers several unique study abroad opportunities in addition to the traditional options offered by CMU's Office of International Education.

Studying abroad is a time of growth and change in many areas — academic, professional, personal, and intercultural. Students report that studying abroad provided them with:

  • Increased problem-solving skills
  • Better foreign language abilities
  • New professional contacts
  • More independence
  • Enhanced awareness and appreciation of their home culture
  • Stronger interest in other cultures

The Department of English encourages and strongly supports students studying abroad. If interested in studying abroad, students will receive step-by-step guidance from an academic advisor, as well as continued assistance from CMU's Office of International Education (OIE).

Students can choose from a variety of study abroad experiences through the Department of English. They include: