Carnegie Mellon University

Ph.D. Literary & Cultural Studies Dissertations

The following table presents the dissertations of our PhD LCS graduates since 2005.




2019 Jacob Goessling  Appalachian Coal Culture and the Residue of Fossil Capital, 1968-Present
2018 Juliann Reineke Three Sheets to the Wind: The Jolly Jack Tar and Eighteenth-Century British Masculinity

Jamie Smith

Rights and Rites: Revolution, Gender, Performance, and Religion in British Novels of the 1790s

Pavithra Tantrigoda

Contesting "Green Imperialism": Rights and Ecology in South Asian Literature


Matthew Lambert

The Green Depression: Landscape, Environmentalism, and Social Justice in the 1930s and 40s

D.J. Schuldt

The Dissenting Academies and the Literary Politics of the 1790s

Kate Hamilton

'The Voice of Fame’: Frances Burney and Eighteenth-Century
British Celebrity

Kate Holterhoff

Speculating Victorians: Romance Fictions and Evolutionary Science, 1859-1914

David Haeselin

Searching...A Cultural History of Twentieth-Century Information Retrieval
Heather Steffen Academic Labor in an Age of Change: Criticism of the U.S. University, 1890-1930
Eric Vázquez Realms of Inconsequence: U.S. Imaginaries of Central America, 1979-2005
2013 Sheila Liming The Natural Woman: Science and Sentimentality in Nineteenth-Century America
2012 Geoffrey Glover Fables of Difference: African American Science Fiction from 1931 Through 2006
Christopher Jeremy Taylor The Fortified Compound: New Journalism and the New Right
2011 Nilak Datta Authentic Fictions in Homely Worlds: The Construction of the Post-Tourist Gaze in Postmodern American Fiction
Bill Blake Soldier Playwrights, Public Honor, and the Making of Liberal Arts Culture, 1660-1737
2010 Emily Klein Constructing the American Activist: Twentieth-Century Political Performances and Discourses of Social Change
2009 Mario Castagnaro Embellishment, Fabrication, and Scandal: Hoaxing and the American Press
Rebecca May Morbid Parts: Dissection and the Gothic in the Long Nineteenth Century
2008 Thora Brylowe Romantic Arts & Letters: British Print, Paint, and Engraving 1760-1830
2007 Srila Nayak Citizens Everywhere: Modernism, Decolonization, and Discourses of Citizenship
2006 Courtney Maloney Images of Steel: Labor, Memory and the Cultural Work of Corporate Photographers
Dana Gilserman-Kopans The English Malady: Egendering Insanity in the Eighteenth Century
2005 Victor Cohen Heroes for Sale: Radical Politics and Genre Formation in Hard-Boiled Crime Fiction