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Humanities Analytics Program

Our Humanities Analytics courses help prepare students for careers in technology, cultural commentary, natural language processing, museums and libraries, data journalism, and academia.  

Tech CEOs and data scientists are increasingly calling for employees with more exposure to the humanities.  

At the same time, the human experience that is traditionally at the core of a humanities education is being dramatically transformed by the emergence of big data, digital platforms, computational thinking, and digital connectivity. 

Spurred by such developments, the minor in Humanities Analytics (HumAn) trains students in the processes involved in analyzing, digitizing, questioning, quantifying, and visualizing different types of humanities and cultural phenomena, including printed books, fan fiction, manuscripts, historical records, art, music, and film. 

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Spotlight: Chris Warren

Six Degrees of Kevin, er, Francis Bacon.

Chris Warren, Associate Professor of English, co-founded Six Degrees of Francis Bacon, a digital reconstruction of the early modern social network that scholars and students from all over the world can collaboratively expand, revise, curate, and critique. Unlike published prose, Six Degrees is extensible, collaborative, and interoperable: extensible in that people and associations can always be added, modified, developed, or, removed; collaborative in that it synthesizes the work of many scholars; interoperable in that new work on the network is put into immediate relation to previously studied relationships.