Carnegie Mellon University


Careers in Humanities Analytics (HumAn)

The HumAn minor strengthens the technology-focused undergraduate education at Carnegie Mellon, creating broad and agile thinkers, which will benefit students' careers whether those careers line up more closely with the focus of their primary majors, or move in new directions.

Drawing from traditions in philosophy, literature, and history, the HumAn minor is strategically placed to marry practical questions like, “Can we do it? How can we do it?” with reflective and normative questions such as, “Should we do it? Why should we do it?” Such questions arise daily in workplaces around the world.

Specific career paths available to a student graduating with a HumAn minor might include:

  • the publishing industry
  • the entertainment industry
  • the GLAM sector (digital curating for galleries, libraries, archives, and museums)
  • data journalism
  • digital approaches to cultural heritage
  • LODLAM (Linked Open Data for Libraries, Archives, and Museums)

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