Carnegie Mellon University

Creative Writing - Minor

The Creative Writing Minor consists of 6-7 courses, which includes the First-Year Writing experience.

Learn how to declare a minor in Creative Writing.

Curriculum: 6-7 courses, 54 units total

All courses are 9.0 units each, unless otherwise noted.

First-Year Writing (1 or 2 courses, 9 units):

Option 1: Take one full-semester course

76-101 Interpretation and Argument
76-102 Advanced First-Year Writing*

*By application/invitation only

Option 2: Take two half-semester mini courses at 4.5 units each

76-106 Writing About Literature, Art, and Culture
76-107 Writing About Data
76-108 Writing About Public Problems

Introductory Genre Writing Courses (1 course, 9 units):

76-260 Introduction to Writing Fiction
76-261 Introduction to Writing Creative Nonfiction
76-265 Introduction to Writing Poetry
76-269 Introduction to Screenwriting

Reading in Forms (1 course, 9 units):

76-362 Reading in Forms: Nonfiction
76-363 Reading in Forms: Poetry
76-363 Reading in Forms: Poetry: Intro to Literary Translation
76-364 Reading in Forms: Fiction

Fiction, Poetry, or Screenwriting Workshops (2 courses, 36 units):

In order to be eligible to enroll in a particular workshop, students must earn a grade of A or B in the introductory genre writing course of that same genre. If students earn a C in an introductory genre writing course, they may enroll in a related workshop only with the permission of the instructor. If they earn a D or R (failing grade) in an introductory genre writing course, they may not take a workshop in that genre.

76-365   Beginning Poetry Workshop       
76-460   Beginning Fiction Workshop       
76-462   Advanced Fiction Workshop       
76-465   Advanced Poetry Workshop       
76-469   Screenwriting Workshop

English Electives (1 courses, 9 units):

Please consult the list of courses published each semester by the Department. English Electives may include any 200- to 400-level course offered by the Department. In choosing English Electives, students are encouraged to sample courses from across the Department.