Carnegie Mellon University

Alan and Gloria Siegel Awards in Professional Writing

Every year, the department awards a student or students with the Alan & Gloria Siegel Award in Professional Writing. This monetary award, ranging from $100 to $500, is open to any currently enrolled student in our Professional or Technical Writing programs – majors, minors, and graduate students – who produced what they believe to be excellent work/projects in a Professional/Technical Writing course from the previous two semesters. The award is endowed by Alan Siegel, president of Siegelvision and nationally renowned for his research on plain language and clear communication.


Undergraduate, graduate, and group work from the previous two semesters is eligible. (For example, work from Spring 2021 and Fall 2021 will be eligible for Spring 2022 awards.) This work may include any student work in a professional or technical writing genre, and can be print, electronic, or multimedia pieces (e.g., technical or software documentation, healthcare communication, proposals, client reports, news and other journalistic pieces, magazine writing, non-profit communication, PR and marketing documents, infographics and other data visualizations, user walkthroughs, explainer videos, etc.).


Calls for nominations are made in early April, with the deadline around mid-April. Students may self-nominate for this award. Faculty may also nominate students' projects.

Winners are announced each spring semester at the Department's Adamson Awards in late April/early May.