Carnegie Mellon University

Gender Studies - Minor

The Gender Studies minor consists of 6 courses for a minimum of 54 units and can be taken in a variety of disciplines in Dietrich College: English, history, anthropology, psychology, philosophy, economics, and modern languages. 

Curriculum: 6 courses, 54 units minimum

Required Introductory Course (1 course, 9 units):

76-241 Introduction to Gender Studies
79-320 Women, Politics, and Protest
79-331 Body Politics: Women and Health in America

Additional Gender Studies-Related Courses (5 courses, 45 units minimum):

The list below is not exhaustive. Participating departments may develop and offer other courses that, while not listed here, are appropriate for the study of gender. Consult the minor advisor to confirm the relevance of unlisted, gender-focused courses.

76-207   Special Topics in Literature & Culture (course topic varies by semester; if course has gender-relevant topic, course can be used for the Gender Studies Minor)
76-241   Introduction to Gender Studies*
76-287   Sex & Texts
76-327   Equity & Communication: Strategies for Institutional Change
76-353   Transnational Feminisms: Fiction and Film 
76-418   Rhetoric and the Body
76-431   Gender Play in Early Modern Drama                         
79-244   Women in American History       
79-320   Women, Politics, and Protest*
79-323   Family, Gender, and Sexuality in European History, 500-1800       
79-324   #MeToo: Naming and Resisting Gender Violence              
79-325   U.S. Gay and Lesbian History      
79-327   Modern Girlhood: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives      
79-331   Body Politics: Women and Health in America*
79-333   Sex, Gender & Anthropology     
80-224   Race, Gender and Science          
82-300   Language & Society in the Arab World    
84-312   Gender and Development in Sub-Saharan Africa
85-350   Psychology of Prejudice
85-446   Psychology of Gender

*Course can count if not taken as Required Introductory Course.