Carnegie Mellon University

English Department Spaces

Our spaces are designed to encourage creativity and to grow the humanities community.

The English Department spaces are located in two separate buildings, on the second floor of Baker Hall and the second floor of Posner Hall. Together, both locations house the department faculty, graduate students, and staff. 

Featured English Spaces


Baker Hall 259 - English Main Office

The main Department of English office is in Baker Hall 259, at the top of the second floor stairwell. The  Conference Room (267), office of the Department Head, several staff, and copy machines are all located in this Baker Hall main office.


Baker Hall 260 - Gladys Schmitt Creative Writing Center ("The Glad")

Named after Gladys Schmitt, poet and novelist who taught at the Carnegie Institute of Technology for 30 years, "The Glad," is the hub of Carnegie Mellon's creative writing community and undergradate Creative Writing program. The four computers with editing and publishing software, laser printer, and a typewriter or two, make "The Glad" and its library an ideal space for creative writers. In addition, couches and rocking chairs offer students a comfortable place to congregate, read, write (and, sometimes, nap). In evenings, the space often hosts events such as student readings, visiting writer receptions, and literary journal meetings.


Baker Hall - 255B ("The Swank Room")

The Swank Room is a seminar space just a few feet from the English department main office in Carnegie Mellon University's Baker Hall.

The room is named after Earle Swank, a professor of English and dean of students, who worked at CMU for 40 years. The space is used for classes, lectures, and smaller events seating under 30 people.


Posner Hall 231- Main Office

Big Room Posner

Posner Hall 234 - Johnstone Room

grad lounge

Posner Hall 261 - Graduate Lounge