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Technical Writing Program

The Technical Writing Program is a subspecialty of professional writing, focused on the skills for making complex, technical information accessible and navigable to both users and stakeholders.

The Technical Writing Program is a strong fit for students with dual interests in writing and STEM fields, or who wish to strengthen a primary major in STEM with the communication skills expected of team members and managers.

As English’s only Bachelor of Science degree, the major blends coursework in writing, document design, and user experience methods with additional work in computer science, mathematics, and statistics. Students specialize further through elective courses and professional experiences, earning a concentration in either science and medical communication, or technical communication.

Technical writers are sought after for their plain language and user experience research skills by software companies, instructional design firms, hospitals and insurers, and in engineering and federal government positions.

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Spotlight: Wilson Ekern

Meet Wilson. 

Wilson (Class of 2021) majored in Technical Writing in the Department of English. He also graduated with an additional major in German Studies.

What was your favorite English course and why?

Style. It really teaches you the tools for writing clearly and communicating your ideas effectively.

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