Carnegie Mellon University

The Marion Mulligan Sutton, MM 1965, Internship Award

The Marion Mulligan Sutton, MM 1965, Internship Award is used to provide monetary stipends to undergraduate students studying English and writing in Dietrich College of the Humanities & Social Sciences so that they can pursue internships.

The award provides up to $1250 for part-time internships (typically those done during a semester over 12-14 weeks at approximately 9-10 hours/week), and up to $2500 for full-time internships (typically done in the summer over the course of 8-10 weeks, approximately 320 hours total work).

Applications are accepted during three distinct periods over the course of the academic year: in the fall, in the spring, and in the summer.


  1. Students must be a Carnegie Mellon undergraduate pursuing a major or minor in a writing discipline (e.g., Creative Writing, Literature & Culture, Professional or Technical Writing, Film and Visual Media, Humanities Analytics).
  2. Students doing internships for credit are also eligible for consideration.
  3. Students must have a confirmed internship and be able to provide the name of the organization, name of supervisor with contact information, a description of duties, hours/week, and length of internship.


  1. A call for applications will be made during the following time periods:
    1. in early September for students doing fall internships, with a deadline of September 15
    2. in early January for students doing spring internships, with a deadline of January 15
    3. in early April for students doing summer internships, with a deadline of April 15
  2. Applicants will fill out an online form by the deadline.
  3. Applications will be reviewed and students informed within one week of the posted deadline.
  4. The review committee will consist of no fewer than three representatives from the Department of English.
  5. Applicants who receive the award will be required to fill out the English Internship Insider questionnaire after their internship is complete and to write a post-internship letter to the award donor summarizing how the internship contributed to their academic and/or professional pursuits.