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About Arts Greenhouse

Founded in 2003, Arts Greenhouse is an arts and humanities education program that fosters the expressive and intellectual development of Pittsburgh’s youth. By providing safe spaces and proactive platforms for collective creativity, the goal is to promote a balance of self-expression with activities that emphasize the collective nature of all artistic creation.


Arts Greenhouse promotes arts and humanities learning opportunities for youth focused on the intersection of creativity, collaboration, and civic engagement in Pittsburgh and throughout Allegheny County.



At Arts Greenhouse, we provide a platform for youth to grow as individuals and through local community engagement by asking them to reflect, connect, and explore creatively. Our creative learning curriculum and research projects are centered around the ever changing issues that impact youth and their communities.



Our values are formed through a passionate belief in the importance of the arts and humanities and the power of creative expression to prompt positive change across all sectors of humanity. As such, Arts Greenhouse values:
  • Art and humanities as a conduit for individual, environmental, communal, and societal advocacy and action
  • Partnerships with schools and local organizations to ensure safer, stronger, and more vibrant communities. 
  • Educational initiatives, intergenerational teaching and mentoring opportunities that are grounded in diversity, equity and inclusivity. 
  • A workplace environment that fosters the personal, professional and ethical development of our staff.
Throughout the program’s history, we have recruited students from under-served schools, and we have partnered successfully with other organizations that share our concerns with the deprivation, discrimination, and disaffection experienced by a part of the Pittsburgh population. The Arts Greenhouse does not train professionals but rather teaches young artists the importance of self-expression and collaboration for taking part in one’s community.  
– Judith Schachter, co-founder