Carnegie Mellon University


Careers in Film & Visual Media

The scope and versatility of this major affords multiple professional opportunities.

Film & Visual Media graduates can build careers in a variety of areas, including: film companies and studios, broadcasting, games, communications, journalism, publishing, advertising, marketing, information technology, and management. If you also minor in a modern languages field, you can work in bilingual or global media outlets. "Film & Visual Media" define a very broad competency that can also support careers not directly related to film or cinema, such as law, public policy, or education.

The student who majors in FVM benefits from an already robust alumni network of CMU's Department of English majors who have pursued Film-and-Media-related careers. These alumni work as: field producers, executive producers, writer-producers, technical resource administrators, on-air promotional copywriters, digital products and operations specialists, and associate sound designers.

The major can also prepare students for graduate study, such as an MFA degree that further develops strength in screenwriting, or a PhD in Film Studies or Media Studies for those interested in academic careers.