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Film & Visual Media Program

The Film & Visual Media program in the Department of English allows for a complex blend of creative, professional, and technical competencies.

The Film & Visual Media program offers comprehensive courses in film and visual media, from theoretical framing and historical-cultural contextualization to training skills in creating, analyzing, and developing film. CMU's Department of English is an ideal home for the Film and Visual Media major due to the department’s combination of creative writers, film and media studies scholars, filmmakers, digital humanities instructors, and visual communication researchers.


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Spotlight: Jeff Hinkelman

Inside the Film & Video Collection with Jeff Hinkelman

To Jeff Hinkelman, Video Collection Manager at Carnegie Mellon University Libraries, visual media connects everything. “People who use the video collection come from all over the university.  You’ll see students and faculty from various disciplines, such as art, drama, humanities and social sciences, and the [Video Collection] act[s] as a way to connect [everyone] in an interdisciplinary manner.” Jeff also serves as Faculty Co-Advisor and Instructor for the Film and Visual Media Studies Minor, and has been instrumental in the creation of the newly formed Bachelor of Arts in Film and Visual Media (BAFVM).

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