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Technology Enhanced Learning Demonstrations

Demonstrating the exciting Technology-Enhanced Learning projects that our colleagues are applying here at CMU and beyond. Visit links to each projects' technology or abstract by clicking on the project title.

College of Engineering

Bedillion, Mark

CIT, Mechanical Engineering

Electronics For Non-Majors with NScope

Nace, Bill


Piazza As A Q&A Tool For Large Classes 

Weinberg, Justin

CIT, Chemical Engineering

Chem101: Next-Generation Active Learning Tools For Chemistry Students

College of Fine Arts

Byrne, Daragh

CFA, Architecture

The Gallery


Dietrich College

Harrell, Mara

DC, Philosophy

OLI Argument Diagramming Course

Ishizaki, Suguru

Kaufer, David

Moreau, CP

Ringler, Hannah

DC, English

OnTopic: TEL Environment For Strengthening Topical Cohesion In Writing

Kaufer, David

DC, English

Teaching Grammar In OLI Environment 

Kaufer, David

DC, English

Classroom Salon: Creating Deep Discussions Over Course Materials

Sooriamurthi, Raja

DC, Information Systems

Program Using Jupyter Notebook To Teach SQL 

Tang, Xiaofei

Li, Qiong

Taguchi, Naoko

DC, Modern Languages

Learning Chinese Formulaic Expressions In A Multi-modal Interactive Environment 

Tsai, Aurora

DC, Modern Languages

Technology-Enhanced Activities To Support Foreign Language Literacy And Cultural Reflection Skills

Wetzel, Danielle

Werner, Necia

Ishizaki, Suguru

Kaufer, David

DC, English

Seltman, Howard

DC, Statistics and Data Science

Poznahovska, Maria

Helberg, Alex

DC, English

Chang, Yuxi

DC, Statistics

Improving Writing Instruction With Classroom DocuScope

Wu, Sue-mei

DC, Modern Languages

Let’s GO!: Follow Me For Innovative TEL Language And Culture Learning

Heinz College

Burckhardt, Philipp

Chouldechova, Alexandra

HNZ, Statistics

Nugent, Rebecca

DC, Statistics

The ISLE Experience: Enhancing Classroom Instruction With Interactive E-Learning Tools 

Harty, Martha

HNZ, Across all programs

Collaborative U In OLI: Easy Intervention Improves Efficacy In Student Project Teams 

Hyatt, Kim

HNZ, Communications

Using Virtual Reality (VR) As An Instructional Tool

School of Computer Science

Cook, Amy


Hammer, Jessica


Dow, Steven


PeerPresents: An In-class Peer Feedback System 

MacLaren, Benjamin

Corbett, Albert

McLaren, Bruce


Mitchell, Aaron

Lopez, Javier

SCS, Biological Sciences

Pathway Algebra For 21st Century Biology

Tepper School of Business

Henry, Kim

TPR, MBA Program

Applying Canvas Features To Support Group Projects And Collaboration 

Monroe, Bob

TPR, Business Technologies

Effective (re) Use Of Canvas Across Online Hybrid And In-Person Courses