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Chem101: Next-Generation Active Learning Tools For Chemistry Students

Student engagement and retention in college STEM courses is one of the most
significant teaching challenges of the 21st century. Chem101 is an active
learning/classroom response platform designed specifically to engage students and
improve outcomes in first-year chemistry courses. The platform features novel, openended
and chemistry-specific response modules, such as Lewis structure drawing, that
promote more student activity during classroom problem solving exercises. During the
Fall 2016 academic semester, professors at 8 colleges/universities, including Carnegie
Mellon, University of Cincinnati, and Columbia University, implemented Chem101 in their
first-year chemistry courses. In one case study, a 200% improvement in student learning
gains was measured and 40% of all pilot students said the platform increased their
interest in chemistry. In this Show and TEL, we will provide a “classroom” demonstration
of the Chem101 platform using iPad/laptop devices and provide additional devices for
Summit participants to interact with the student learning modules.

Weinberg, Justin
CIT, Chemical Engineering