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Effective (re) Use Of Canvas Across Online Hybrid And In-Person Courses

One of the consistent findings from our experience with the Tepper School’s Online
Hybrid MBA is that the discipline and rigor required to put together an effective online
hybrid course informs and improves the teaching of on-site courses. When moving a
course to the Online Hybrid format, faculty members typically deconstruct their course
into constituent elements and then rebuild it, delivering each element in the format best
suited to the lesson at hand. Done effectively, this can dramatically improve the quality
of the course’s educational materials. These materials then become available for use in
the on-site version of the course as well, saving the professor time when delivering
subsequent offering of the course in either format and improving the materials delivered
to students across formats.
I plan to demonstrate on my laptop how I have built these materials in Canvas and reused
them effectively across multiple delivery formats in an MBA course I teach (Big
Data 45-980).

Monroe, Bob
TPR, Business Technologies