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The Eberly Center for Teaching Excellence and Educational Innovation brings pedagogical and technological issues together to support Carnegie Mellon faculty and graduate students in their roles as educators.

2020-2021 Provost’s Inclusive Teaching Fellows

We are pleased to announce the 2020-2021 Provost’s Inclusive Teaching Fellows (PITF). Sponsored by the Provost and administered by the Eberly Center, this program aims to enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion in CMU courses. View this section of our site...

Adjusting Your Course to 14 Weeks 

In adjusting your course from a 15-week format to a 14-week format, you have many options to consider. Here we have some potential strategies you could use to adapt your course. Sign up for a one-hour workshop to explore strategies...

f21syllabusupdates-image.png Fall 2021 Syllabus Updates

To help you update your syllabus for the particular context of Fall 2021, please see these syllabus updates, highlights, and sample language excerpts.

Write a Syllabus

Check out our new site on writing your syllabus! Learn more about the new CMU Syllabus recommendations and view sample CMU Syllabi.

Hybrid and Remote Teaching

New and revised resources for teaching hybrid or remote courses. 

Teaching in Tumultuous Times: What can instructors do to support students? 

Events of crisis, tragedy, or social unrest may take an emotional and cognitive toll on students, disrupt their lives, and interfere with learning for extended periods. Here we have strategies and resources to help instructors support students in tumultuous times.

Spotlight on Innovative CMU Teaching

CMU instructors are innovators. In these dynamic, 5-minute talks, faculty and graduate student instructors share their creative, transferable solutions to common teaching and learning challenges. View this section of our site...

Making the Most of Your Upgraded CMU Classroom

CMU’s $20M Classroom and Learning Spaces Project is updating and redesigning CMU classrooms based on data collected by the Eberly Center and the research on learning science and technology-enhanced education. View this new section of our site...

Teaching as Research

Discover what works for student learning. Read about what faculty are doing in this area of research: the compelling questions they ask, results of their studies, and how the Eberly Center can support you as you engage in your own teaching as research project. View this section of our site...

Research and Scholarship Digest

See what the Eberly Center is reading and thinking about this month! We hope the readers of this digest will find it a useful resource for staying in-tune with the rapidly expanding education research literature. View R&S Digest...

Connecting, Inspiring, Adapting

Read about Eberly Center's activities and impact in our Academic Year 2020-2021 Annual Report (pdf). See our archive of previous annual reports...