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Marsha Lovett, PhD

Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning Innovation
Co-coordinator of The Simon Initiative
Professor of Psychology (Teaching)

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Dr. Marsha Lovett is Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning Innovation. She is also a Co-Coordinator of the Simon Initiative and Teaching Professor in the Department of Psychology. In her role as Vice Provost, Marsha oversees the Eberly Center (a team of team of teaching consultants, learning designers, data scientists, and technologists who help instructors create meaningful and demonstrably effective educational experiences) and leads other strategic educational initiatives for the university. Most recently, she launched a new online education unit that partners with academic units to design, develop, and maintain new online graduate and professional education programs. 

Throughout her career, Marsha has been deeply involved in both local and national efforts to understand and improve student learning. In her research, she has studied learning, memory, and problem solving, publishing more than fifty articles on learning and instruction. She has also developed several innovative, educational technologies to promote student learning and metacognition, including StatTutor and the Learning Dashboard. Her book How Learning Works: 8 Research-Based Principles for Smart Teaching distills the research on how students learn into a set of fundamental principles that instructors can use to guide their teaching.