Carnegie Mellon University

Eberly Center

Teaching Excellence & Educational Innovation

One-on-One Teaching Consultations

The Eberly Center offers individual consultations to any instructor on campus who would like the opportunity to discuss teaching issues, solve teaching problems, or try new innovations in the classroom. In these consultations we work collaboratively with you to help you identify your strengths as a teacher, collect information (e.g., classroom observations, student focus groups, examination of teaching materials) to reveal the source of problems, and develop productive solutions.

Who We Work With

We work with faculty, post-docs, and graduate students with all level of teaching experience, including instructors who are:

  • new to Carnegie Mellon and want to calibrate to our students and the institution
  • experienced and successful teachers who want to try new techniques, approaches, or technologies
  • encountering difficulties in their courses and want help identifying and addressing problems
  • new to teaching and want help getting started (including graduate students who anticipate pursuing an academic career)

How Consultations Work

We hold ourselves to high standards when working one on one with instructors. All of our consultations are:

Strictly confidential:  We do not disclose any information from our consultations. This includes the identities of those with whom we work, the information they share with us, and the data we gather on their behalf from classroom observations and interactions with TAs and students.

Documented for faculty and graduate student purposes alone:  We provide written feedback to the instructors with whom we consult that summarizes and documents the consultation process. We do not write letters of support for reappointment, promotion, or tenure, but faculty can choose to use our documentation as they see fit.

Voluntary: We do not seek out instructors, but we are happy to meet with anyone who contacts us.

Contact the Eberly Center to request a confidential teaching consultation.