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The ISLE Experience: Enhancing Classroom Instruction With Interactive E-Learning Tools

We started to developing ISLE in Spring 2016. ISLE (Interactive Statistics Learning
Environment) is an authoring framework for interactive lessons on statistics and related
disciplines, meant to augment classroom instruction.
In a live demonstration, we will show approaches we have developed during two
courses, 94-842: Programming in R for Analytics and 36-200: Reasoning with Data: 1) a
hint, assessment, and feedback system 2), on-the-fly data collection from students e.g.
through surveys, and 3) real-time peer-to-peer communication and monitoring of student
We see great opportunity in such an approach that blends classroom instruction and
online activities. This setting, which enhances traditional classroom instruction, provides
students with hints and individualized feedback, while nevertheless granting them the
benefits of a group experience. We will end the demonstration with a discussion on the
next steps and how you can use ISLE for your own courses.

Burckhardt, Philipp
Chouldechova, Alexandra
HNZ, Statistics
Nugent, Rebecca
DC, Statistics