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Graduate Student Instructor Orientation Sessions

Do you have a teaching appointment this coming spring as a grader, teaching assistant, or an instructor of record?  Are you are interested in learning some evidence-based ... Read More »


The Eberly Center for Teaching Excellence and Educational Innovation brings pedagogical and technological issues together to support Carnegie Mellon faculty and graduate students in their roles as educators.

2017 Teaching & Learning Summit2017 Teaching & Learning Summit
October 19, 2017

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NEW! Write a Syllabus

Check out this new resource on writing a syllabus.
Find CMU's new syllabus recommendations and view sample syllabi.


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Connecting, Sharing, Adapting

Read about Eberly Center's activities and impact in our AY2015-16 Annual Report (pdf)...


Teaching After Tragedy:
What can instructors do to support students?

Tragic events may take an emotional and cognitive toll on students, disrupt their lives, and interfere with learning for extended periods. Here we have strategies and resources to help instructors support students in the wake of tragedy.

Promoting Academic Integrity

Carnegie Mellon policy on academic integrity. Here we provide you with a pointer to the policy, some considerations and strategies for promoting your students' academic integrity, as well as a few sample policies for you to adapt when developing your own course policies.
Visit this resource on academic integrity...

We are here to help you design and innovate in this exciting space, including how to:

  • Choose resources and tools that best fit your teaching context
  • Flip your classroom to maximize student learning
  • Insert hooks to collect data for iterative improvement

We have experience working with our faculty colleagues on such projects as:

  • Translating your course online
  • Developing online testing formats
  • Using synchronous and asynchronous tools productively for learning

We continue to offer our high-value services, including:

  • One-on-one teaching consultations
  • Workshops and seminars for faculty and graduate students
  • Blackboard help and support
  • Guidance in solving teaching problems
  • Incoming Faculty Orientation and Future Faculty Program
  • Teaching observations, focus groups, early course evaluations, and more...

We’re here to help you! Come see us.