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Eberly Center for Teaching Excellence & Educational Innovation

Support for Graduate Students

Teaching Seminars

Each semester, including summer, we offer a series of seminars covering various teaching topics. The seminars are two hours long. They are free to attend for all graduate students, but space is limited and students must register in advance.

Teaching Seminars for Graduate Students: Descriptions and Registration.

Microteaching workshops

This workshop, limited to 5 participants, is offered every semester. Participants teach a 5-minute lesson and receive feedback from Eberly staff as well as from other participants. Microteaching workshops are videotaped, and participants can elect to review the tape at a later date with Eberly center staff to get more in-depth feedback. Reviewing the tape with an Eberly consultant counts as one observation for the Future Faculty Program.

Classroom observations

We are available to observe your teaching and provide confidential, constructive feedback. Please contact us at least one week in advance of the date when you would like to be observed. The observation process includes a pre-observation meeting to set up the goals for the observation and a post-observation meeting to discuss the feedback. A classroom observation counts toward the Future Faculty Program.

Future Faculty Program

This professional development opportunity helps graduate students develop their teaching and document the steps they have taken in preparation for future faculty positions. Completion of four requirements (teaching seminars, classroom observations, a course design project, and an individualized project) leads to a detailed letter describing participants’ teaching skills and a transcript of the activities completed.

More information about the Future Faculty Program...

Contact us to enroll in the program.

Assistance with early course evaluations

We are available to help you design, implement, interpret, and respond to course evaluations. We recommend distributing early evaluation forms approximately 4-5 weeks into the semester. See also: sample early course evaluation forms and suggestions about the process.

Contact us for a consultation tailored to your specific context.

Teaching statements and portfolios

Many faculty positions require applicants to submit a teaching statement and sometimes even a teaching portfolio. These tools can also be very useful for personal reflection and growth in your teaching. Please contact us if you would like to arrange an individual consultation on creating a teaching statement or portfolio.

Contact us to check if a portfolio group is about to start or to arrange an individual consultation.

Course on teaching

Periodically, the Eberly Center offers a graduate course on teaching, 99-701: College and University Teaching. The course is 6 units, is pass/fail, and will appear on your official CMU transcript. Many of the activities in the course can count toward the Future Faculty Program.

Course Syllabus: 99701 College and University Teaching (doc)

TA handbook

The Eberly Center has collected teaching strategies and advice from experienced CMU TAs in their respective fields. Collected Wisdom: Strategies and Resources for TAs (pdf) offers more than 200 strategies, pedagogical rationales for applying or adapting those strategies, quick-reference checklists, and answers to common questions about teaching resources.

Support for departmental training

The Eberly Center is available to partner with academic departments to focus teaching support on a specific discipline. We work with several departments during orientation and throughout the year in various ways.

Contact us if you would like to discuss possible collaborations.