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Improving Writing Instruction With Classroom DocuScope

We demonstrate for participants a new development in year 2 of an ongoing TEL project
for teaching writing in Carnegie Mellon core courses, Classroom DocuScope, an online
platform that visualizes information from computer-assisted rhetorical analysis of student
writing. The new online platform facilitates data-driven teaching by informing teachers of
the compositional decisions students have made in their writing and also enables pairing
students for peer review according to statistically meaningful factors in their writing. With
the DocuScope visualizations, students can see how their writing stands out and fits in
among their peers. Ultimately, the Classroom DocuScope visualizations help teachers
make explicit for students the textual surface, or how to use language for writing key
components of particular genres. Participants at the Eberly Teaching Summit will be able
to interact with Classroom DocuScope themselves with the laptop provided by the

Wetzel, Danielle
Werner, Necia
Ishizaki, Suguru
Kaufer, David
DC, English
Seltman, Howard
DC, Statistics and Data Science
Poznahovska, Maria
Helberg, Alex
DC, English
Chang, Yuxi
DC, Statistics