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OLI Argument Diagramming Course

The teaching challenge is that students taking introductory philosophy rarely have been
taught or know how to read text for the argument. I have developed two tools to meet
this challenge: iLogos Argument Diagramming software and the interactive OLI course,
Argument Diagramming. The software is available as a stand-alone desktop application,
and also integrated into the web-based OLI course. The “course” takes approximately 2-
4 hours to complete, and is generally assigned as homework during the first week of
class. Instructors for writing courses, as well as for other introductory level philosophy
courses have used this course at CMU and elsewhere. I would like to demonstrate both
the interactive course and the software. Participants can make their own diagrams and
answer questions from the course. I will bring 2 laptops so multiple participants can
participate at the same time.

Harrell, Mara
DC, Philosophy