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Faculty Senate Checklist

A recent Faculty Senate Resolution calls on CMU colleagues to give your students a syllabus no later than the day the course first meets or formally begins. In addition, this resolution makes the following recommendations regarding the contents of your syllabus.

The Faculty Senate recommends that you include the following in your syllabus:

  • Contact information for the instructor(s) and TA(s), including email, office hours/location, etc.
  • Course description that explains the course’s scope and purpose, format (e.g., lecture, recitation, lab, studio), relevance to students’ academic/professional goals, and major deliverables (e.g., project, presentation, paper, exhibit)
  • Statement of assumed/required prior knowledge
  • List of learning resources and whether they are required or supplementary (e.g., textbooks, software, etc.)
  • Course-level learning objectives that articulate what students should be able to do by the end of the course
  • Description of major assessments and how they contribute to the final grade
  • Statements and policies that clearly communicate your expectations regarding 
  • Statement encouraging student wellness
  • Expected semester schedule
  • Diversity statement (based on Faculty Senate vote in August 2020)

Additionally, the Eberly Center recommends including the following in your syllabus: