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The Gallery

The Gallery ( helps students develop learning portfolios in
maker based education. Since Fall 2014, it has been used within 15 IDeATe courses
and over 350 users have contributed 1550 projects. The platform is organized as a
series of assignment ‘pools’ to which students contribute their projects, and team
members can collaboratively prepare rich documentation of their outcomes. It supports
novices by scaffolding documentation through templates containing guidance and
reflective prompts. Once documented, students can seek feedback on their work through
distributed online peer- critique facilitated through comment-based discussion. By
distributing the process of critique and fostering a community of peer-feedback, it affords
learners more timely feedback, it enhances visibility of their outcomes within the learning
community, requires them to review alternative approaches, and to practice and develop
their own critique skills.

Byrne, Daragh
CFA, Architecture