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Let’s GO!: Follow me for innovative TEL Language and Culture Learning

This presentation will showcase the incorporation of technology-enhanced SHOW and TELL project-based learning into a language and culture curriculum. It will demonstrate how to adopt and integrate the PBL (Project-based Learning), Linguistics Landscape, ICC (Intercultural Competence) and story-telling approaches to inspire students to share their learning experiences and interests through a digital storytelling project. By doing so students not only strengthen their own language learning outcomes and cultural understanding, but also through their projects become ambassadors to share, promote and help others to be positive and self-managed language and culture learners.

The presentation will also address the issues and challenges of helping and motivating students to integrate their linguistic proficiency, cultural competence and critical thinking skills into their digital storytelling project, and helping them make intercultural comparisons, make connections to their individual experiences, and think critically about their language and culture learning.  

Wu, Sue-mei
DC, Modern Languages