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Instructor: Robert Dammon
45-901 Corporate Restructuring, Tepper School of Business
Rating Scale for Assessing Students’ Critiques of Finance Case Presentations


I require students to work in groups to analyze a set of finance cases and, because of time constraints, give an oral presentation on only one case. However, students were analyzing only the case that their group would present. I needed to motivate students to analyze all of the cases without requiring all groups to present all cases, which would require considerable class time and increase grading.


I constructed a six-item rating scale that focused on the quality of the analysis and critique of the case. Items were rated on a five-point scale with a section for written comments. After each group presentation, I randomly select another group to offer their own analysis and critique of the case. I use this rating scale and complete the written comments to evaluate the second group’s analysis and critique.


This assignment has been effective in motivating students to read and prepare all finance cases, not just the case that they will present.


I have used this rating scale for several years, and the rating scale is a standard course component.

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