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A learning management system (LMS) combines tool functionality with user data and course information to enable communication, content, assessment, and grading transactions in a password-protected web environment. It can be used as an online complement to instructor-led courses, in a virtual setting, or fully online. These systems are designed to provide a consistent and efficient experience for instructors and students. In addition to learning management systems or suites of tools, there are many distributed tools out there designed to handle a component or subset of learning management goals.

Carnegie Mellon centrally supports Canvas (a learning management system). 

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Canvas is an online learning management system that many Carnegie Mellon instructors use to post course materials, to support communication and collaboration within the course, and to assign and grade student work. The system supports students' interactions in much the same way: accessing course materials, submitting assignments, communicating and collaborating with other students, and receiving feedback and grades from the instructor.

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