Carnegie Mellon University

Room Tours

CMU students provide video tours of their CMU housing spaces for Room Selection 2021.

Fairfax Apartments

Apartment Double

Ayda Ozdoganlar, a junior majoring in biological sciences, shows us around an apartment double.

Studio Double

Havelynde Labomme, a senior majoring in psychology, shows us around a studio double.

Annex Apartment

Jasmine Cheng, a junior majoring in computer science and robotics, shows us around an annex apartment.

Shady Oak Apartments

Apartment Triple

Neha Joshi, a junior at CMU in Dietrich College, shows us around a triple in Shady Oak Apartments.

Fifth Neville Apartments

Studio Double Apartment

Olivia Cunnally, a CMU junior studying humanities and arts, shows us around a studio double apartment in Fifth Neville Apartments.

Resnik & West Wing Houses


Suhas Kotha, a first-year student majoring in computer science, show us around a Resnik suite.

Resnik and West Wing spaces are the same.

The Highlands

Apartment Single

Duy Hoang, a junior majoring in physics, shows us around an apartment single in Highlands.

Morewood Gardens

Semi-Suite Double & Common Spaces

Caillou Pena, a sophomore in the Institute for Politics and Strategy, shows us around a semi-suite double and common spaces in Morewood Gardens.




Themistokles Bournias, a junior studying psychology, shows us around a Roselawn House at CMU.

Neville Apartments


Noni Shelton, a junior in the English and Human-Computer Interaction departments, shows us around a Neville apartment.