Carnegie Mellon University

Civility Initiatives

The mission of Civility Initiatives is to strengthen community and interpersonal relationships at CMU. The work of civility supports the academic, diversity, and well-being goals of the university through skill-building for civil discourse, conflict transformation, and restorative practice.

Carnegie Mellon University's Shared Tenets of Civility

  • When we are guided by our shared tenets of civility, we gain the capacity to resolve conflicts and cultivate a deep sense of self and belonging.
  • We respect the humanity, value, and dignity of self and others.
  • We intentionally interact with a desire to learn and grow.
  • We seek to understand ourselves and others through a compassionate and curious lens.
  • We invite dialogue and acknowledge that not all uncomfortable exchanges are harmful.
  • We believe civility is experienced most fully in times of differences and disagreements.
  • We accept responsibility and accountability for our actions.
  • We invest in restorative practices to build and sustain our community.