Carnegie Mellon University

Fifth Avenue Neighborhood Commons

Located in the Fifth Avenue Neighborhood of campus, the Fifth Avenue Commons is a beautiful 5,000 square foot community space open to all Carnegie Mellon students, faculty and staff. 


how to enter

Address: 4735 Fifth Avenue

When looking at the front of the building from Fifth Avenue, the entrance to the Neighborhood Commons is located to the left hand side of the building at ground level.

commons and Program Spaces

7:00 a.m.- 2:00 a.m., Daily

The Commons' Spaces

the hearth

The Hearth

The Hearth serves as the focal point and gathering point of the Commons equipped with an operable fireplace and comfortable seating.

wellness room

Dance/Wellness Room

Amenities: Spring-loaded floor; ballet bar; mirror wall; Bluetooth audio system
Capacity: 15
Reservations: Reserve any time; 2 hour maximum; free to use when not reserved
Reserve through 25Live
multipurpose room

Multipurpose Room

Amenities: 6 tables; 40 chairs; built-in projector and flat-screen TV
Capacity: 40
Reservations: Reserve 72 hours in advance; room locked when not in use
Reserve through 25Live
large music room

Large Music Room/Jam Room

Amenities: Acoustic drum set; digital piano; microphone; bass/guitar amps; music stands
Capacity: 8
Reservations: Reserve any time; 2 hour maximum; free to use when not reserved
Reserve through 25Live
small music room

Small Music Room

Amenities: Digital piano; music stands
Capacity:  3
Reservations: Reserve any time; 1 hour maximum; free to use when not reserved
Reserve through 25Live
study room

Study Room

Amenities: Flat-screen TV; whiteboard
Capacity: 4
Reservations: No reservation required


Who can access

  • All Carnegie Mellon students, faculty and staff can access to the space with their CMU ID.
  • Guests are permitted only when accompanied by a CMU affiliate. The CMU affiliate is responsible for the actions of their guest.

how to access

  • All users must tap to enter the space.
  • Exterior doors and doors to programming spaces are to remain closed at all times; no propping of doors is permitted.

Advanced reservations are suggested for all programming spaces. The following spaces are available for reservation via 25Live with no advanced reservation required:

  • Large Music/Jam Room, Small Music Room and the Dance/Wellness Room.

When not in use, these spaces are available for free use:

  • The Jam Room and the Dance/Wellness Room may be booked for up to two hours.
  • The Small Music Room may be booked for up to one hour. 

NOTE: Individuals may reserve the Jam Room for practice or use it when not reserved, but reservation priority is given to groups wishing to practice. Individuals may have their reservations moved and/or cancelled. Individuals using the jam room will be asked to leave if a group wishes to practice and the individual does not have a reservation.

The Multipurpose Room requires reservations 72 hours in advance via 25Live. When not in use for an approved event, the multipurpose room will be closed.

The Study Room requires no reservation and is available for free use.

Any and all spaces within the Fifth Avenue Neighborhood Commons may be reserved for various functions. Accordingly, any and all spaces may be closed to the general public with advanced warning.

To inquire about reservations for spaces outside of the programming spaces, please email

The Neighborhood Commons staff reserves the right to reschedule or cancel events for any reason. The staff may choose to limit the duration, frequency, or number of bookings for an individual, group, or organization if it is deemed that others are not being given equitable access to the space.

  • No food or drinks, except water in a resealable container, are permitted in the Small Music Room, Jam Room, and Dance/Wellness Room.
  • No food or drinks, except water in a resealable container, are permitted in the multipurpose room unless part of an approved event.
  • Approved events in the multipurpose room must do their own event setup and return the room to its default setup once event concludes.
  • All furniture/equipment must remain in designate room. Return all furniture/equipment to original location when finished.
  • Any damage incurred will be the responsibility of the student(s) and/or organization responsible.