Carnegie Mellon University

Rates and Fees

Housing rates are determined by a number of factors, including square footage of the room, proximity to a semi-private bathroom, number of residents, amenities within the room/apartment and/or building, among others. Housing rates for different residence types and room types vary, so be sure to familiarize yourself with the housing rates before selecting a housing assignment.

Additional Fees

Housing Cancellation Fee

A Housing Cancellation Fee applies to any student who needs to cancel their housing agreement. Housing cancellations are only permitted due to a verified change in your enrollment status (leave of absence, withdrawal from the university, academic or financial suspension or dismissal, study abroad, or any non-enrolled status) or full-time status. 

Students who need to cancel for any of these reasons will be required to pay to the University the applicable prorated charges for the period of occupancy prior to moving, and the Housing Cancellation Fee (currently, $400 for cancellations occurring during or for the fall term and $200 for cancellations occurring during or for the spring term).

Cancellation fee information is included in Section 3 (CANCELLATION OF AGREEMENT) and Section 4 (HOUSING CANCELLATION FEE) of the TERMS AND CONDITIONS section of your Housing License Agreement.

Housing and Financial Aid

Financial aid provided to some first-year students to help cover housing costs is based on the standard double residence hall room rate, even if students are assigned to a room with a higher rate.