Carnegie Mellon University

The Residential Experience at CMU

Your college experience comes to life in our residence halls and buildings.

The residential program at Carnegie Mellon University is unlike any other because CMU students are unlike students anywhere else. Enhance your academic experience with new people, new perspectives, and new experiences. The friendships you make in residence can last a lifetime and make our campus feel like your home away from home.

Prepare to expand your horizons and make your mark.

Engage Framework

Relationships are at the core of everything we do in Residential Education. We learn the individual stories of our residents so that we can build communities that support, encourage and celebrate our shared experience at Carnegie Mellon. We believe that gathering around differences to engage in dialogue, inquiry and reflection makes us all stronger.

The Engage Framework at Carnegie Mellon is built around small, close-knit communities. Exceptional student leaders and dedicated professional staff members live with and alongside our residential students to ensure that guidance and support is always nearby. Housing and Residential Education are committed to a comprehensive vision for student development that utilizes the residential house community as a focal point for the student experience on campus.

Student Staff

Community Advisors (CAs)

Each house community is served by one Community Advisor. In concert with professional staff members, CAs provide the leadership for the vision, direction, and daily activity in each of our residential house communities. They are upperclass or graduate students who develop a strong sense of community in each house by getting residents involved and fostering an environment that contributes to the personal and academic success of all who live there.  

Resident Assistants (RAs)

Each floor in our residential communities is served by a Resident Assistant. RAs develop supportive relationships with individual residents and create strong floor and house communities. They educate residents about campus-wide programs, resources, and opportunities while serving as a peer advisor and community role model.