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Resident Assistant Selection

Becoming a Resident Assistant (RA) is a great way to get involved in your residence hall community. RAs are key student leaders who help their peers to develop artistic and intellectual curiosity, personal well-being, professional competency, and leadership skills. They do this by providing opportunities for community members to engage with each other while finding ways for each resident to contribute to the larger community.

To help you prepare for the RA Selection Process, below are a variety of resources that may be helpful for you to complete the application.

Overview and Timeline

New Resident Assistants (RA)

We appreciate your enthusiasm for the opportunity to join our team as a Resident Assistant! If you haven't held the RA position at CMU in the past, kindly submit your application using the link below by the deadline of Tuesday, January 16, 2024. After your application is thoroughly reviewed, you will be contacted with details on scheduling a 30-minute interview with our team.

New RA Application Link


  • Monday, November 13: New RA Application opens
  • Tuesday, January 16, at midnight: New RA Application deadline
  • Monday, January 22 & Tuesday, January 23: New RA interviews
  • Early to mid-February: Notification of position offers will take place.

Returning Resident Assistants

For those of you who have prior experience as a Resident Assistant at CMU, please keep an eye out for an email from the Selection team, providing information about the selection process. If you have any questions, please reach out to your Housefellow or someone on the Selection team for assistance.

A Note for Both New and Returning Candidates

By submitting this application, you acknowledge that the information that you have provided within this application and any materials submitted in support of this application are true, accurate, and complete. You authorize the Residential Education staff to obtain information relating to your student record. You understand that university officials are collecting this data to determine your eligibility and suitability for the Resident Assistant position. Information collected will only be shared with relevant university officials. Students with below a 2.25 for either Fall 2023 or cumulative QPA are not eligible to be hired as an RA. Applicants with Fall 2023 or cumulative QPAs below 2.25 are welcome to participate in the interview process and may be identified as alternates as a result of their performance in the selection process. Applicants who have an academic or student conduct history that could have some negative impact on their candidacy may be contacted by a Housefellow to discuss the situation.

Community Advisor Selection

Each house community is served by one Community Advisor. In concert with professional staff members, CAs provide the leadership for the vision, direction, and daily activity in each of our residential house communities. They are upperclass or graduate students who develop a strong sense of community in each house by getting residents involved and fostering an environment that contributes to the personal and academic success of all who live there.

CA Application Link

Overview and Timeline

Applications for the 2024-25 academic year position are now open. Interested candidates should review the timeline and apply by Monday, January 8, 2024, at 9 am. Candidates are encouraged to consult the Career and Professional Development Center (CPDC) for assistance with resume or interview preparation.

We strongly encourage interested candidates to attend an information session. Information sessions will provide candidates the opportunity to talk to current CAs and current Housefellows about the role. 

Each applicant will submit an application, give a short presentation (15 minutes maximum), and complete an interview. Applicants will be contacted to let them know their application was received. In January, we will reach out about your availability for scheduling your presentation and interview. 


  • December 6, 7-8 pm, Fairfax Lobby - Information Session 1
  • December 7, 12-1:30 pm, Cohon Center Dowd Room - Information Session 2
  • January 8, at 9 am - Applications close
  • January 12 - In-person applicant presentations
  • January 16 and 17 - In-person applicant interviews
  • January 18 - Makeup presentations and interviews (in-person or zoom)