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Black Lives Matter

We see you. We hear you. We stand united with you in promoting anti-racism, fighting inequity, and creating lasting change for our community. Learn what SLICE is doing and how you can be a part.

Student Leadership, Involvement, and Civic Engagement (SLICE)

Self-Starters, Do Good-ers and Do Better-ers Unite: You're driven to make a positive impact on humankind. And we're here to support it.

Graduate and undergraduate student involvement - on campus, in the community and the world - has helped shape Carnegie Mellon into the world class university it is today. Students can make their mark, channel their passions and shape their involvement through student organizations, leadership opportunities, civic engagement, Greek life, CMU's signature traditions and events, and in new ways that are just waiting to be created.

So discover. Explore. Reach deep. Give back. Help others. Celebrate and cheer on. Change the world.

SLICE is here to help, support, advise, mentor and connect you to resources along the way.

SLICE & Scotty: What's Up & What's New

Tartans, all in. Everywhere.

Tartans, all in campaign: Scotty with a red facial covering on

In the spirit of A Tartan's Responsibility, student leaders and organizations must promote shared accountability.

Tartan Community DayYou're Invited to Carnegie Mellon's Third Annual Tartan Community Day

Tartan Community Day is a day for students, faculty and staff to take a break from the daily norm and to connect, restore and play, in ways that are most meaningful to you.  There are no classes for students and staff/ faculty are encourage to participate as they are able. 

The Bridge

Explore organizations, learn about events, track your member’s involvement and more on Carnegie Mellon's The Bridge!

The CMU Pantry

The CMU Pantry is serving our community while protecting the health and safety of our shoppers, staff and volunteers.

Meet new people. Have fun. Share your talents. Contribute to the community. Make an impact. Design your unique CMU experience.