Carnegie Mellon University

Our Vision

Fostering a socially just learning community where individuals are challenged and supported to uphold the highest standards of personal, moral, and ethical conduct.

Our Mission

The Office of Community Standards and Integrity (OCSI) encourages each student to cultivate the highest standards of personal conduct, congruent with the expectations of Carnegie Mellon University. We are dedicated to providing advocacy, support, and education that promotes personal integrity and community responsibility. In acknowledgement of each student's ability to grow from their experiences, we facilitate learning through reflective student conduct and academic integrity processes that uphold the ideals of the Carnegie Mellon community.

About Us

The Office of Community Standards and Integrity (OCSI) is staffed by an experienced team of professionals dedicated to the growth and development of students both in and outside of the classroom. When faced with a challenging or complicated situation, the OCSI can serve as a resource for students, staff, faculty, and family members looking for guidance. Our staff strives to be approachable, knowledgeable, and current with best practices in the field of student conduct and academic integrity. The heart of our work is rooted in the value and support of our campus community members. We welcome inquiries regarding educational programming, student support, and guidance with the University's student conduct and academic integrity processes.

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