Carnegie Mellon University

Housing & ResEd Office Hours 

The Housing and Residential Education offices are open for in-person meetings. Students are encouraged to schedule an appointment instead of just walking in, and zoom appointments are encouraged so that students can connect with the appropriate staff member. You can also contact Housing Services and Residential Education via email.

For urgent after-hours support, please contact the following campus services:

  • Service Response for urgent facilities issues: 412-268-2910      
  • CMU Police for emergencies and lock outs: 412-268-2323

Housing and ResEd: A Partnership

Housing and ResEd staff work together to create a lived experience that supports, engages, and inspires students throughout their university experience. Within a 24/7 community of support, staff and residents build meaningful relationships that inspire exploration, growth, and learning.

Vision Statement

Housing Services seeks to create a residential experience that supports a positive transition to college life, fosters independence and personal growth, and provides students with opportunities for meaningful community engagement. Through a 24/7 community of support and the commitment of a dedicated and professional staff, Housing Services is committed to providing students with a safe and secure environment as well as a residential experience that allows them to flourish throughout their collegiate journey and beyond.

Mission Statement

With the goal of providing an exceptional residential experience for students, Housing Services upholds a student-first approach that is both responsive and collaborative. In addition to maintaining the highest level of fiscal integrity, Housing Services partners with Student Life to contribute to the overall meta-curricular experience for students.


Students inspired and supported to engage in a transformative university experience that shapes their evolving understanding of self, community, and their contributions in a global society.


The Office of Residential Education at Carnegie Mellon University seeks to enhance student learning and development through cultivating vibrant living experiences reflective of the diversity and uniqueness of our residents.  Within those communities, staff and residents aspire for meaningful one on one relationships that supports deep exploration, a commitment to community, and interpersonal growth and learning.

Values that Guide Our Work

Integrity: Aligning our practice with our core values and the ethical principles of our profession
Compassion: Investing in concern for the welfare of others and humanity
Inclusivity: Fostering an environment where all feel welcomed, accepted and respected
Dedication: Demonstrating exceptional commitment to our students and aspiring toward quality work and leadership
Responsiveness: Anticipating and responding to meet the ever-changing needs of those we serve
Collaboration: Active sharing of talent, resources, and time to positively impact the student experience
Innovation: Leading through creative and forward-looking solutions that advance our mission