Carnegie Mellon University

Fifth & Clyde Residence Hall

Fifth and Clyde is a 98,000-square-foot, six-story residence hall that offers 264 beds for upper-class students in semi-suite and suite room configurations with single and double bedrooms. In addition to residential living, the building is equipped with a 5,000-square-foot community space for the Fifth Avenue neighborhood — referred to as the Fifth Avenue Neighborhood Commons — which includes a dedicated music space and jam room, wellness/dance room with spring loaded flooring, study nooks and a multipurpose room. At the heart of the Commons is the hearth.

Check out a Fifth and Clyde double.

Video tours of rooms represent the furniture and room layout at the time of filming.  Actual furniture, layout, and configurations may have changed since the video was created. Mudge House room tours represent the layout of the same room number on floors 1 through 6, except those specifically identified by room number below.

Fifth and Clyde Floor 1

Fifth and Clyde Floor 2

Fifth and Clyde Floor 3

Fifth and Clyde Floor 4

Fifth and Clyde Floor 5

Fifth and Clyde Floor 6

wood panels saying won't you be my neighbor in 17 different languages

Welcome to the NeighBurghood! Learn to say "Won't You Be My Neighbor?" in 17 different languages.

A piece of public art in the courtyard of Fifth and Clyde, Inverted Dancer is a gravity-defying, 8 ½ feet tall bronze sculpture made from reworked wood, by artist Thaddeus Mosley.


Explore Fifth and Clyde House's Kitchen Map - a collection of more than 130 herbs and spices from around the world.

Fifth & Clyde Renderings

rendering of Fifth Clyde a multi-floor residence hall

Fifth & Clyde from Fifth Avenue

rendering of Fifth Clyde a multi-floor residence hall from the courtyard perspective

Fifth & Clyde Courtyard

rendering of Fifth Clyde a multi-floor residence hall looking into the floor lounges

Fifth & Clyde - Internal Floor Lounges

Fifth Clyde floor lounge - chair tv whiteboard window and drawings of students

Fifth & Clyde Floor Lounge

Fifth Clyde kitchen lounge - tables chairs bar and bar seating kitchenette and drawings of students

Fifth & Clyde Floor Kitchen Lounge

Fifth Clyde semi double room - two beds window desks door and drawing of student

Fifth & Clyde Double Room

Fifth Clyde study lounge - table chairs floor to ceiling window white board and drawing of students

Fifth & Clyde Study Room

Fifth Clyde Multipurpose room - clusters of chairs a large tv tall ceiling and drawings of students

Fifth & Clyde Multipurpose Room

Fifth Clyde Commons - hearth and fireplace sitting cubbies hammocks stools

Fifth & Clyde Commons

Fifth Clyde community kitchen - kitchen dining table and chairs and a wall of windows

Fifth & Clyde Community Kitchen

Fifth and Clyde Staff

Zach Wiberg

Housefellow Zach Wiberg

Student Staff

Community Advisor (CA)

Nya Lewis

Resident Assistants (RAs)

Belle Connaught
Archan Das
Sy Lee
Jie Liu
Joanna Lumanas
Eujin Ra
Sara Riyad
Alyssa Robert
Yerim Song
Jack Sun

Cliff Stanford

Facility Coordinator Clif Stanford