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The Community Health and Well-Being website provides information and resources for all members of the CMU community – undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and staff, family members and friends. If you are specifically looking for how to help or find support for a CMU student, go to the Support for Others page under the Resources tab.

Community Health & Well-Being

Carnegie Mellon supports the National Institute for Health’s definition of wellness as "an active process of becoming aware of, and making choices toward, a healthy and fulfilling life." But what does that mean? It means a lot of things.

Community health and well-being can look like building healthy relationships, joining a student organization or cause that you care about, exploring what spirituality means to you, scheduling a routine medical appointment, learning how to manage a budget, shopping at The CMU Pantry, going to a GroupX class with some friends, falling asleep to a Headspace bedtime story, having a therapist that you see sometimes or on a regular basis, or discovering new recipes and foods to nourish your body. 

At Carnegie Mellon, health and well-being is all of that and so much more. This website is a collection of the many well-being resources offered at CMU. It's a space for you to explore the various components of well-being and the opportunity for you to make any and all of it a part of your well-being journey. 

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Community Health & Well-Being at CMU

At CMU, community health and well-being — as both a value and department — is a fundamental priority for all of us as individuals and collectively as a community. 

This video highlights health and well-being at Carnegie Mellon through its people, specifically the Community Health and Well-Being team, its partners and initiatives.


Here's a snapshot of campus well-being, by the numbers.


Of CMU students utilize CaPS


CMU Headspace app users




GroupX classes offered per week


Club and Intramural sports


Student organizations and fraternity/sorority chapters


Unique student visitors to the CMU Pantry


Free visits per year across 7 local museums

We can always do better, starting with inclusive care.

CMU Trans Health ZineSupporting Our Trans Students

LGBTQIA+ students can receive competent general and specialized medical care at CMU.

Healthcare for LGBTQIA+ Students

Equity, Inclusion & Mental Health

Counseling and Psychological Services (CaPS) intentionally works toward the undoing of white supremacist ideology in our clinical work by actively engaging in socially-just, anti-racist practice.

CaPS Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Resources

TimelyCare logo  Virtual Mental Health Care

TimelyCare expands availability and access of mental health services to a wider range of days, times and locations, and provides emotional support services with professional counselors 24/7.

TimelyCare at CMU

CMU Students Emphasize Holistic Wellness

What did it mean for students to be "well" at CMU prior to the pandemic?

Gabriele Maier, Dietrich professor of modern languages, and talented College of Fine Arts alumna, Cory Hickoff, spent the fall semester of 2019 conducting 37 interviews with students from all over campus defining wellness at CMU. Hickoff transformed their wellness struggles and successes into whimsical cartoons. Explore the project: How Well? A journey of wellness across Carnegie Mellon University.