Carnegie Mellon University

All Gender Housing

Carnegie Mellon University strives to make on-campus housing a safe, inclusive and welcoming space for all students. All Gender Housing refers to an arrangement whereby students, regardless of sex, gender, or gender identity, are able to share a room in select house communities. Carnegie Mellon is committed to providing housing options that take into consideration varying identities of our students. All Gender Housing is not intended for romantic couples.

All Gender Housing Option 1: Stever House

Incoming first-year students interested in living in an all gender community should select Stever House as their preferred community on the housing application. For the 2021-2022 academic year, Stever House will pilot the first all gender residential community in a first-year traditional style residence hall. As part of the all gender floor, students will be able to share a room without regard to sex, gender identity or gender expression. 

The Application Process

  1. Select the "All Gender Community" option from the Themed Living Community page of the housing application.
  2. List Stever House as their top building preference on their first-year housing application.

Residents who opt into the All Gender Community will be assigned together on the designated floor in Stever House.

All designated bathrooms/restrooms within the all gender housing portfolio are gender-neutral and configured in various ways (e.g. suite style bathroom, hallway bathroom/restroom with single stalls, etc.). 

In Stever House, there are two all gender floor bathrooms/restrooms shared by the 45 residents on the All Gender Housing floor. Each all gender bathroom/restroom on the floor has single-stall showers with a privacy shower curtain, single-stall toilets, and multiple sinks. This arrangement allows for multiple residents of the floor to use the facilities simultaneously with a degree of privacy. 

If you have questions about the bathrooms/restrooms in All Gender Housing, please contact our office or the Stever House Housefellow

Students interested in living in all gender housing are encouraged to self-select roommates who also wish to live in all gender housing. However, if you do not specify a roommate, Housing Services will pair you with a roommate also interested in all gender housing.  

There are many housing options available on campus, including one all women’s and one all men’s residential house community. Since roommate assignments are based on student preferences, you will not be assigned to all gender housing unless you request it through the housing application. Staff in Residential Education and Housing Services are able to meet with students to discuss all available housing options.

All Gender Housing Option 2: Gender Inclusive Living Community in Morewood Gardens

A special interest living offering, the Gender Inclusive Living (GIH) community in Morewood Gardens is all gender community with the goal of bringing together students who may be LGBTQ+, non-binary, exploring gender identity and allies. Students can share the same room with any other student regardless of sex, biological gender, gender identity,  and gender expression.

The Application Process

The Gender Inclusive Living community for both first-year and upper-class students has historically been available in Morewood Gardens. The location is subject to change depending on occupancy and housing needs. Students who are interested in a Gender Inclusive Living Community option should: 

  1. Select the "Gender Inclusive Housing" option from the Themed Living Community page of the housing application. 
  2. List the Gender Inclusive Housing building (which is announced in late spring) as their top building preference on their first-year housing application. 

Residents who opt into Gender Inclusive Housing will be assigned together on a floor within the designated house community. Generally, the Gender Inclusive Housing community will be located in a building with semi-suite style rooms. 


First-year students who apply to live in Gender Inclusive Living community can see other applicants of Gender Inclusive Living community on the roommates page of the housing application. Students can contact prospective roommates through the housing application or request roommates they contacted independently. Both roommates need to have selected the Gender Inclusive Living community in their housing application in order to be able to find and confirm each other as roommates. 

Students are not required to identify their own roommate. If a student does not indicate a roommate on their housing application, they will be assigned another roommate who preferenced wanting to live in the Gender Inclusive Living community based on their compatibility as determined by their roommate profile responses. 


The Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion offers resources to achieve an inclusive and transformative experience for all students. The Center supports and connects historically underrepresented students in their experience at Carnegie Mellon. In the pursuit of equity, the Center also coordinates a network of faculty and staff interested in collectively advancing a more inclusive campus climate for all CMU students. Students interested in LGBTQ+ resources should contact the Center.