Carnegie Mellon University

Wellness Initiatives

Carnegie Mellon University supports The National Institute for Health’s definition of wellness as an active process of becoming aware of, and making choices toward, a healthy and fulfilling life. It’s a conscious, self-directed and evolving process, meaning you will always be working to create a fulfilling life. The absence of illness or disease doesn’t confirm our wellness, nor does any singular milestone or success. In addition, well-being also means holding what’s happening in our broader culture and recognizing the impact and implications it has on us and our community. We cannot be well when our community is not well. 

Well-being as a state is similar to our learning; we are never finished and there are always new ways to grow, to understand, and to change. 

Wellness Initiatives supports our students, faculty, and staff as we individually and collectively work towards healthy, fulfilling lives and an enriching, supportive environment that helps all members to thrive. Wellness Initiatives offers an array of resources and programs, such as:

A wide range of skill-building wellness workshops, called Life Labs, that can be tailored to individual groups and organizations.
Meditation and mindfulness opportunities, including group meditations, introductory and exploratory workshops, free access to the Headspace app for our current community members, and the Mindful Living credited course offering.
A monthly e-newsletter, called Be Well at CMU, that shares campus-wide events, professional and personal development opportunities, and announcements that support different dimensions of health and well-being, as a way to keep you both informed and engaged.

Advising our Mindfulness Room, Paws to Relax pet therapy program, and several of our student wellness organizations, in addition to consultations for student-led wellness projects and initiatives.