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Undergraduate Advising

Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree Requirements

               Composition (2012 and later)            

               Instrumental (2012 and later)

               Organ (2012 and later)

               Piano (2012 and later)

               Voice (2012 and later)

Internal Transfer and Multiple Major Information

Bachelor of Science Degree Requirements

               Music and Technology (2018 and later)

               Music and Technology  (2012 and later)

BXA Degree Programs

     > BXA Website

     > BCSA Program Information

     > BHA Program Information

     > BSA Program Information

Minors in Music Requirements

     Minors for Music Majors

          > Collaborative Piano

          > Conducting

          > Music Education (Information in Graduate Column)

          > Music Technology

          > Music Theory

     Minors for Non-Music Majors

          > Music, Musicology, Music Technology, Music Theory

     Music Minor Forms

     Sonic Arts/Sound Design Minor Information


Graduate Advising
Graduate Handbook
Master of Music Degree Requirements
               Collaborative Piano (2018 and later)
               Composition (2018 and later)
               Composition: Semester (2018 and later)
               Conducting (2011 and later)
               Conducting: Semester (2011 and later)
               Keyboard  (2011 and later)
               Keyboard: Semester (2011 and later)
               Music Education (2018 and later)
               Music Education: Semester (2018 and later)
               Music Technology (2010 and later)
               Orchestral Instrument (2011 and later)
               Instrument: Semester (2011 and later)
               Voice  (2018 and later)
Entering 2017 and Earlier
               Collaborative Piano
               Collaborative Piano: Semester 
               Composition: Semester 
               Music Education 
               Music Education: Semester 
               Voice: Semester 
     > Piano Pedagogy Certificate Requirements
     > Graduate Comprehensives and Outreach Guidelines and Forms
AMS: Advanced Music Studies Certificate requirements
     > Individual Performance/General Composition
     > Orchestral Performance/Specialized Composition
     > Chamber Music Performance
     > Audio Recording and Production
     > Music Entrepreneurship
     > Piano Maintenance
Music Education Certificate requirements
     > Certification Curriculum
     > Intern Curriculum
     > Forms
Artist Diploma Requirements
     > Artist Diploma Curriculum

Upcoming Student and Faculty Recitals