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The Heritage Scholarship Campaign

Original Heritage Campaign Video 

The Heritage Scholarship Fund began in August of 2015 as a project to provide a new substantial source of undergraduate merit scholarship for Carnegie Mellon School of Music. At the initiative of four students (Laurel Beatty, Christin Danchi, Katie Russell and Alyssa Wang), the fundraising campaign started with the goal of raising the minimum $50,000 needed to endow a scholarship fund at the university. With student debt holding back talented undergraduate musicians across the country, the students saw this as a chance to give back to their alma mater and ease this burden for the next generation of music Tartans.  

Thanks to the combined efforts of friends, alumni, faculty, staff, and students of the School of Music, the original campaign raised over $170,000 in eight months.  This enormous success was in great part due to two very generous matching donations of $50,000+ from CMU President Subra Suresh and the College of Fine Arts, led by Dean Dan Martin and School of Music Head Denis Colwell. 

The Heritage Fund remains open to receive donations and will continue to grow and allow new students to pursue their passions in music.  You can donate to the fund and continue this legacy of giving back and investing in the next generation through the following avenues: 

  • Online at CMU's Giving Site
  • With donation envelopes at CMU School of Music events
  • By mailing a check designated for the Heritage Scholarship to:
    CMU School of Music
    5000 Forbes Avenue 
    Pittsburgh, PA 15213

We are pleased to acknowledge these individuals who have made gifts to The Heritage Scholarship Campaign:


CMU President Subra Suresh
The CMU College of Fine Arts 
(Dean Dan Martin & Denis Colwell, Head of the School of Music)


Joseph & Dorothy Jackovic


Louise & Franco Sciannameo

MUSICIAN - $2,500

Anne Jackovic


Jeanne Baxtresser
Andrés Cárdenes & Monique Mead
David H. Carroll
Denis & Melanie Colwell
Cynthia & Jose DeAlmeida
Martin & Lisa Earle
Doug & Beth Grijalva
Holleran Scholars Give Back Program
Winston T. Ko
Dan J. Martin & Cheryl Ann Pinto
Robert & Cynthia Murphy
Natalie L. Ozeas & Frank C. Bates
Reid Reading
Janice Rosenberg
Marilyn Taft Thomas & Harry Thomas

PATRON - $500

Owen Cantor
David Deveau
Manu & Laura Kai Narayan
Mildred M. Posvar
William & Nancy Rackoff
Zach & Rebecca Reeder
Katie Russell* 
(Designated from #GivingTuesday competition)


Geraldine S. Chinchilla
Ted & Diane Danchi
Cyrus & Carolyn Forough
Joseph A. Gielas
Amy S. Gluck
Kristin N. Heath
Steve & Lori Kloehn
Kristen S. Kurland
John Paul & Mary Lou Lehoczky
Arthur Len
William F. Lindgren
Luz Manriquez
Mark Matera
Michael L. Nieland
Peter & Nancy Saretsky
Riccardo Schulz
M. Leon Skolnick, MD
Ted & Evelyn Slockbower
Elizabeth Whiteman & Susan Dawkins
David & Elizabeth Zavolta
Paul F. Zweifel

FRIEND - $100

Suneel Apte & Bela Anand-Apte
Leah Auchenbach
Richard & Kenna Baugh
O. Nigel Bolland
Liam Bonner
Lois Bron
Clareann Bunker
Isabel & Tino Cárdenes
Ronald C. Carlisle, PhD
Patricia S. Casella
Lotte Cherin & Ruth White
Nancy Strong Coleman
John Cummings & Gillian Cannell
Christin Danchi*
Robert & Janet Dell
Austin J. DeSimone
Howard Diamond
Mark & Stephanie Dorgan
Johanna L. Drickman
Thomas A. Ferguson
Carol A. Franklin
Eric & Shelley Grotzinger
Ed Harrell
Carol Hoover & Marco Schumacher
John P. Iatesta
Isaac Isukapati
Sharon & Paul Johnston
Christian & Erika Kar
Stergios Lazos & Dr. Laura Abrahamsen
Mary Ann McCollough
Lorna McGhee
James A. Meyer
Madelyn G. Miller
Elliott P. Moriarty, Jr.
Linda J. Myers
Aaron Perdue
David & Connie Phillips
Pittsburgh Alumnae Chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota
Meredith Riley*
Richard M. Stern, Jr.
Stephen A. Story
Joseph & Jessica Volk
George Vosburgh
Alyssa Wang*
John Wehrle & Diane Owens
Gregory A. Werner
Colette Wilkins
Anne M. Williams
Evan J. Williams*
Deborah W. Yue


Ahanu N. Banerjee
Laurel Beatty
Matthew Belliston
Sushain Cherivirala
Lindsey Chinn
Andrew Dewey
Ryo Kimura
Shoshana W. Klein
Veronica Lopez
Kabir Mantha
Anna Menkis
Abigayle Roemer
Joseph Scheller
Emily Stewart
Katterin J. White
Mara Yaffee
Eric Zhu
current as of 05/10/2016
* = CMU Student