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Resources for Making Virtual Music

The COVID-19 pandemic brought a plethora of challenges for musicians at every stage in their careers, and also created new modalities and opportunities for making music virtually. Here you will find information about safety protocols for gigs, for cleaning your instrument and equipment, tips on recording virtual auditions and performances, and more.

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Performance Opportunities & Funding

Discover information about summer festivals, auditions, competitions, scholarships, and grants. It is vital that young musicians have opportunities to perform early in their careers. This page is frequently updated to ensure the most timely information is available.

Marketing & Self-Promotion

In today's world musicians must be entrepreneurs. This starts with a great press kit, well-written contract, and knowing how to negotiate.

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Finding a Job In The Music Industry

Landing a big audition may seem like the end of your career search, but the modern musician must be multi-faceted and flexible. Here you will find information about career services, unions, working in Europe, and job opportunities local to Pittsburgh.

Artist and Community

There are many ways a musician can engage with their local community: through teaching, volunteer work, and creating their own opportunities by making connections with community leaders.

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